Friday, April 27, 2012

Stuffed Animal Names

Do your kids have "interesting" names for their stuffed animals? My nieces and nephews sure do.

Meet Planet:

And this is Sweet Terrance and Terrance.

Sweet Terrance recently had double pneumonia. Not sure where Brennan came up with that. 

The little beauty you see  below is Cut Baby. 

Cut baby is named for the run (or "cut") that runs along her face. She is not to be confused with her "sister" Uncut Baby. Unfortunately, Uncut Baby was lost years ago on a trip to the hospital.

This guy is Fred, or Frederick for short (I know).  He was acquired recently at Dave & Busters. He did have a sweater on, but he prefers being naked.

Below is Bark Bark. This is Harry's treasured stuffed dog. He was named when his father would ask him, "Harry, what does a dog say? It says bark, bark." Ummm, I think it says ruff, ruff or woof, woof but whatever.

I should also mention that my oldest niece had several dolls when she was little. They were all different dolls. Different shapes and sizes.  Each one was named Baby Sally.

How about your family? Any interesting stuffed animal names?


  1. I thought I only had 1 baby sally. I found her a few years ago at moms house. most of her limbs had been torn off by Kobe, and she was terribly stained. Sadly I had to throw her out.

  2. I have some such as Zelda, Bella, Bridget, Brooklyn, Eve and Pedro. :)