Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fun Things To Do This Weekend

This weekend is chock full of fun things to do. Since it's fall, it's a great time to do some apple and/or pumpkin picking. I'm not sure about the weather, but let's hope for some sun.

Here are some other fun things going on:


Weymouth-The Great Pumpkin Give-a-wey. This is a great event for the family. It's 12-4 next to the Town Hall.

Weymouth-The Weymouth Food pantry is hosting its annual S.O.S (Stock Our Shelves) walk on Saturday to coincide with the pumpkin event mentioned above. It's a short walk for a great cause.

Hanover-There They Grow Again is hosting a huge children's consignment sale at Riley Hall (515 Hanover Street). The sale actually starts Friday, September 30, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. They have over 60 consigners selling everything from clothes to toys to books to baby equipment and gear. I have about 60 items in the sale this year, 50 of them are brand new with the tags still attached. You're sure to find some good deals. Shop early to get the best selection.

Wrentham-My friend Diane is hosting a yard sale at her house (44 Federico Drive). All proceeds from the sale are going to TEAM HARDCORE. Team Hardcore is in honor of Diane's cousin Kristen, who is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She's 34 years old. Yes, 34. The team is doing the Susan G. Komen race on October 30 in Boston. Go Diane!


Take the day to rest. You deserve it.

Your turn...anything fun going on this weekend that you'd like to share?

Friday, September 23, 2011

You'll be hearing from my lawyer

Dear Fossils,

At approximately 2:00 PM today I was leaving your home. I came over to visit and check on you, my elderly parents. As I was walking down the walkway, I slipped and fell. I landed in a split-type position and I looked ridiculous. I also have several boo-boos. I believe the fall was related to the two leaves that were left in said walkway. Combine that with the wet weather and it was just an accident waiting to happen. It was in no way a result of my new, slippery shoes.

I've contacted the law firm Dewey, Screwum and Howe and you will be receiving a letter from them shortly.

Since the fall occurred on your property I think that it's only fair that you pay all medical expenses pertaining to the fall. This means Band-aids, Neosporin and a box of tissues for my tears.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Hopefully we can settle out of court.

Yours very truly,
Your youngest daughter and favorite child.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Like everyone, I have some little idiosyncrasies that some people might find strange. I've been doing them for so long that they seem perfectly normal to me.

  1. Every night before bed I slip on a clean pair of socks. After about 15 minutes in bed, I kick the socks off. I do this every night. At the end of the week I have 7 pairs of socks stuffed at the end of my bed.
  2. I have about 10 half full water bottles in my refrigerator. I tell myself that I'm going to refill them with spring water from a gallon jug, and I never do.
  3. I can never be more than 10 feet away from a box of tissues and a tube of chapstick.
  4. I upload pictures within 24 hours of taking them.
  5. I have to sleep with a fan on every night. Even if it's 5 degrees outside.
See, those aren't too bad. Right?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Bank

My 7-year-old nephew, Harry, is a bit of a money hoarder. If you give him a dollar he runs right to his room to put it in his wallet. His 6 -year-old brother, however, spends every dime that he gets.

Recently Kelly opened a bank account for Harry. Whenever we drive by the bank (which is near my parents house) he says, "there's the bank where my money is." He also wanted to let my dad know. Here's how that exchange went:

Harry: "Grampy, there's the bank where my money is."

Gramps: "Oh, that's great buddy."

Harry: "Gramps, since you live so close to the bank, can you keep an eye on my money?"

Gramps: "Sure. Good idea."

Well, yesterday the bank got robbed. No one was hurt, thank God. When Kelly found out, she immediately said, "don't tell Harry! He'll be devastated." That's all my dad needed to hear. He keeps saying that he's going to call Harry and tell him that the robbers left everyone else's money but got his. We're doing our best to keep Harry and Gramps apart.

TMI Tuesday

It's TMI Tuesday. I'm warning you now, it's not for the faint of heart. Don't blame me if you can't handle it. You've been warned.

I don't own a plunger. I found this out the hard way.

TMI Tuesday. Love it or hate it, it's here to stay.

Friday, September 9, 2011


I can't seem to bring myself to watch any of the 9/11 coverage. I've always found it fascinating and heartbreaking. Now I just find it heartbreaking.

Over 2,000 people lost their lives that day for something they did. What was it? They went to work. These were not people who ran with gangs and happened to get shot and killed. These were people who got up that beautiful Tuesday morning, got dressed, kissed their spouses, kids, cats, dogs, moms or dads goodbye and then headed to work. They took their last breath that day.

Every life lost (except the terrorists) was painful and uncalled for.

I weep for those people. I weep for their families and their children. I can't even begin to imagine the nightmare that they went through on and after that day.

We lost many lives after the attacks as well. Many of our military personnel died defending our freedom. A simple thank you doesn't seem like enough.

How do you explain this tragedy to children? We don't want kids to live in fear but this is an important piece of history. It is something that has shaped our nation and made it what it is today.

Whatever your politics, we have to agree on one thing: this can never happen again.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The $20 Challenge

After reading an article recently in the Patriot Ledger, I was inspired to try a little experiment. I set aside $20 and headed out to do some shopping.

After checking the Cradles to Crayons website, I noticed that they are in desperate need of clothes for boys size 11/12. That's what I decided to shop for.

My first stop was Old Navy. I found a pair of athletic pants on clearance for $5.99. I checked a few other stores and didn't get anything. Then I went to Wal-Mart and found a short sleeve collar shirt on clearance for $3.00 and Hanes sweatpants for $5.

I was looking for some inexpensive socks to add to my haul. I went to the Dollar Store where they had 3-packs of socks for $1. I picked up 2 packs.

My next stop was Target. I usually do well with their clearance items. Unfortunately, the only thing that I found was a package of 7 t-shirts for $3.81. Since I had about 20 cents left in my budget, I got a notebook.

I wasn't very impressed with what I was able to get. I think that September is a tough time of year to shop. With everyone back to school shopping, there isn't much on clearance.

Here's how it broke down:

Old Navy pants: $5.99
Dollar Store socks $2.00
Wal-Mart shirt $3.00
Wal-Mart pants $5.00
Target t-shirts $3.81
Target notebook $0.20

All of the items that I bought will be donated to Cradles to Crayons.

I'd like to do this challenge at a different time of year, when there's more on clearance, and compare how much more I can buy with the same amount of money.

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Thoughts on Camping

Since I'm not married, I have to imagine that this is how a couple with children communicates about the family vacation.

Dumb Husband: "Honey, I have a great idea for our summer week long vacation!"

Amazing, Beautiful, Patient, Talented Wife: "You do? What is it?"

DH: "Let's go camping! Isn't that a great idea?!"

ABPTW: "You want to leave our comfortable, climate controlled house to live like homeless people for a week? No thanks."

Now, I know there are some die-hard campers out there. People who say, "If there are showers at the campground, it's not camping." Well, I have no words for that. Camping is my worst nightmare. I get pissy when I stay in a hotel that doesn't have a hair dryer in the room.

I can't imagine have to WALK, in the dirt, to the bathroom. Do you know how many times a night I get up to tinkle? Lots. I don't think I could handle getting out of my sleeping bag, unzipping the tent, grabbing the flashlight, heading to the campground potty to do my tinks at 3:00 AM. I'd be a little scared that I'd run into a wild animal, or worse, someone in their underwear heading to the bathroom at the same time. What's the protocol in that situation. Do you say, "Hey, what up?" or "Nice night" or "I didn't cause that smell in the bathroom, I swear."

I have a friend who LOVES camping. She goes at least 5 times a year. She's the only one in her huge group of family and friends that doesn't have a camper. Her husband doesn't like camping, so he stays home. She packs up her whole minivan, her two kids and heads to a campground. Once she unpacks everything and gets her tent set up, she has to repack all of their clothes and food back into her car so that wild animals won't get at it. Oh my God, that sounds like a blast! Sign me up!

Granted, there are some beautiful views and scenery from camping. Like this picture taken by my friend this morning:

However, I'm pretty sure you could drive around and find a very nice hotel with a beautiful view not too far away.

And that's my rant for today. Happy Labor Day.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kardashian Kollection

Yesterday I headed to the mall to do some much needed shopping. I needed a couple of birthday gifts and other items. Along the way, I decided to check out the Kardashian Kollection at Sears.

Hmmm, where to start? Well, the first thing I noticed was that there is not a natural fiber to be had in the entire collection. Cotton? Nope. Silk? Nope. Polyester? Hell ya! Spandex? You betcha. Rayon? Uh yeah.

I decided to gather up some of these fine pieces and head to the fitting room. I personally think that the "greatest" piece in the collection, oh , excuse me kollection, is this one-piece, leopard print, 100% polyester jumpsuit.

Isn't it grand? It even has elastic at the bottom of the legs. Sadly, I couldn't try it on, they only had it in an XL.

Here it is in black for those of you that are a little more conservative.

Next up was a beautiful leopard print (I'm starting to see a theme here) shirt. I paired it with a stunning pair of black leggings with cut-outs down the side.

God, I look good.

Imagine my surprise when I turned the shirt around and found that it's all lace in the back!! It just adds that little touch of class.

My next outfit was one that you could wear on a casual day out or out to dinner.
It's a cotton-ish top, but, bonus it makes you look like you're wearing a bustier!

I paired it with a pair of sequined pants. The pants weren't lined and the insides of the pants tore at my legs. It hurt.

The last thing that I tried on was easily my favorite. This striped, skin-tight dress. I'm aware that I do not have a super model body but I feel that I must share the picture with you anyway.

Look at those stripes! Nothing says flattering like horizontal AND vertical stripes.

As I was walking out of the dressing room (empty handed, so sad) I spied this little gem.

Where was this dress a month ago? I had a wedding to go to and I really wanted to look like a $2 whore. Dang it.

I'm sure the Kardashians are lovely people. I've been known to watch their (totally scripted) "reality" show on occasion. It's mildly entertaining.

I think their goal with this line was to create "affordable" clothes for everyday people. Well, most of the stuff that I tried on was $99 EACH, including the jumpsuit, the sequined pants and the striped dress.

I think I'll stick to more conservative clothes that don't make me look so foolish.

Disclaimer: This was NOT a sponsored post. The Kardashian's did NOT pay me to review their ridiculous line of clothing, nor was I offered any product for my review. I'm pretty sure I would have thrown it away if I was.