Monday, July 2, 2012

Loopy's Review: "Magic Mike" and "Ted"

Saturday night I went to see "Magic Mike" with my best friend. I had two other movies on my list of "must see" but I knew she really, really wanted to see it so I agreed.

It's pretty much what you'd expect. Half naked dudes dancing around in their skivvies. Not bad. The men have amazing bodies. The sights you will see will not disappoint you. Lots of naked bums in this movie: male and female.

Will "Magic Mike" win best picture at the Academy Awards this year? Hell no. Should you grab your girlfriends, have a glass of wine and then see it? Hell yes!

Tonight I saw "Ted." After seeing the trailer a couple of times I knew what to expect. What I didn't expect was to laugh so hard that I was crying and my stomach actually hurt from the laughing as well. Will "Ted" win best picture? Hell to the no. Should you grab your husband and any fun friends that you have and go see it. Hell yes!

That being said, if you're a little uptight or uncomfortable around foul language and potty humor, these movies are probably not for you.

Bottom line: If you're in need of a good laugh go see either of these movies.


  1. When I first started to see commercials for Ted, I had no interest, but the more I see them, the more it's growing on me. I think Chris & I are gonna go see it this weekend. Magic Mike - no interest.

  2. Glad I went to see this with my wicked fun friend Loopy and my Husband, he's pretty fun too :) Laughing really is good for the soul :)

  3. Thanks for the reviews. Can't wait to see both.

  4. "alright alright" I will go!!

  5. Ted was hilarious. Even with the dig on Quincy girls.