Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On the Mend

I went to Mass General tonight to visit my niece, Meg. She's been in the hospital since late Sunday afternoon after suffering, yet another, pancreatitis attack. She's had chronic pancreatitis since she was five years old (she was diagnosed on her fifth birthday). Since then she's been in and out of the hospital with these attacks. Until recently we had a long stretch, about three years, with no attacks/hospitalizations. This past year, however, they started up again.

By now the staff at MGH have a pretty good understanding of what needs to happen when she gets there. She needs pain meds...and FAST! The only thing that they can do for her is manage the pain. There is no cure or treatment for pancreatitis. The first couple of days are always the hardest, the pain is often intense and she's on the highest possible dose of medication for it. It's awful to see anyone (especially a child) in pain like that.

As of today, the pain is starting to subside. She still has her pain pump and they are thinking that she might be able to start on clear liquids tomorrow. Her spirits are good but sometimes a little cranky. I'd be cranky too if I wasn't allowed to eat for three days! We're hoping she can come home on Thursday. I want to thank everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers. Here are a few pictures from my visit tonight:

Me and Meg

Mom and Meg

Typical teenager; on the phone

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  1. Hi I am the girl that you see in the 3 pictures. My name is Meghan. I am 13 years old and I am the girl with the tummy problem. I have had it for 7 Years!!!! It is very hard to control the pain as Loopy had said. I am her niece and Loopy is the best Aunt a 13 Year Old Girl could ever have. But again I am the 13 year old girl that you see in the pictures above. Thank you so very much for your pryers and positive thoughts. Meghan Loopy's Niece.