Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bargain Hunting With the Big Guy

My dad (aka The Big Guy) always laughs when Kelly or I tell him about bargains that we find. He was mortified when we told him that we brought our lunch, PB & J, to the outlets instead of stopping at one of the restaurants there. He's totally embarrassed for us.

I stopped by The Fossil's the other day and the Big Guy couldn't wait to tell me about the bargain that he just got. I'll tell you about it in his words:

BG: "Look at dis nice shirt I got. It was $79.95, mahhked down to $29.95 and I got it for $14. Isn't that a bahhgin?"

BG: "Look at dese shots? Aren't these so hip and cool?"

I actually do like the shorts. I would never tell him though, he'd think he was cool if I did.


  1. Love it! I love that you wrote it out as he speaks. Too funny!

  2. OMG love him! I do love the "shots". That what my mother calls them too LOL. It's a south shore MA, generational thing!