Wednesday, September 22, 2010


These are my parents. I call them "The Fossils". Don't they look like a nice, sweet, old couple?

In addition to "The Fossils" they have many names between the two of them..Mere, Grampy, Mimi, Grampanator, Mom, Dad, Et, Leo, Big Guy, Pecker Head (some of my dad's friends call him this).

All in all they're a nice, mild-mannered couple.

They also like to have fun.

Exhibit A:

Here they are at the gay pride parade in San Fran last year. My cousin was getting married, so my parents went out there a few days early and made it a vacation. I believe that, just before the photo was taken, one of the "gold men" told my mom that she should "lift her top up."
My parents, ladies and gentlemen.

They celebrated their 46th (or was it 47th? Who can keep track) anniversary last week. They've been happily married all those years and have four wonderful children. Their youngest is the most wonderful, I must say.

They also have nine (relatively well-behaved) grandchildren.

Yes, my parents are embarrassing and yes, they're getting really, really, really old. However, I wouldn't trade them for the world.

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