Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Bucket List

Quite a few people on the World Wide Web have been mentioning their "bucket lists" lately. They often include visiting far away, exotic lands, climbing high, scary mountains or eating some fancy schmancy kind of food. Let me tell you what's on my bucket list:

  • To fit into a size 6 again. Perhaps I'll buy a size 16, take some White-Out to the 1, slap a belt on and call it a day. I'm not above doing that.
  • To once, just once, say no to chocolate.
  • To go into a pool with kids and NOT wow them with my awesome handstands.
  • To meet, and play a really cool prank on, George Clooney.
  • To climb a mountain...made of chocolate.
Well, that's it. I know it's ambitious, but that's why it's a bucket list. I have the rest of my life to complete it.

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