Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We're expecting a foot and a half of snow here in the Boston area tomorrow OR we could get get two inches of snow and some rain. Can you imagine if other professionals just guessed at things?

Pediatrician: "Well Mrs. Smith, your son has the sniffles OR it's pneumonia."

Electrician: "We need to rewire the whole house OR you just need to replace the lightbulb."

Mechanic: "We need to replace the whole engine OR it just needs an oil change"

Veterinarian: "Your dog needs to be put to sleep OR he has an upset stomach."

My forecast for tomorrows storm: slush, rain and snow .5-85 inches. I'm pretty sure I'm right on the money.


  1. well now you know ....... sometimes.........the electrician and the pediatrician or doctor do guess more often than not (see House MD)


  2. You got that right! I just wrote my own post about snow and the predictions that haven't been quite accurate the last two days.