Saturday, January 15, 2011

Worth Celebrating

Yesterday was the birthday of a dear friend of mine. After leaving her gift on her door, I sent her a text at work. I wished her a happy 40th and asked if she had any big plans for the evening. She replied, "No, no plans. The kids have dance and hockey. Just another day." That made me so sad. Is it because she's a mom that she doesn't feel like she should be able to celebrate her birthday?

I posed this question to a friend that is married with no children. She said that in Spain, where her husband is from, that they don't even acknowledge adult birthdays. She mentioned that parents have birthday parties for their children but that's it.

Am I the only one that loves celebrating birthdays? Not just mine, but my family and friends birthdays as well. I think it's important to have a day to celebrate you! You only have one birthday a year, it should be celebrated. When I was in the business world and a co-worker/friend was having a birthday, I would stay late and decorate their office/cube so that when they came in on their birthday, they would have a smile on their face. Keep in mind, these were friends that I knew well. I wouldn't do it for someone that I didn't know well.

In my family, we rarely let a birthday pass without a cake and/or presents. Even for the adults. We ALWAYS have cake and presents for my parents on their birthdays. For my siblings, we usually combine it with their children's parties. For my sister, I like to have the kids make cards and I'll usually make "Happy Birthday Mom!" signs on the computer. Her husband will pick up her favorite cake at the bakery.

So, is it me? Do you celebrate your special day?


  1. My family is the same way. Last year was my 40th and it came and went. No party. This year I'm taking matters into my own hands. :)

  2. I wasn't ready to turn 40 - I wanted to fly under the radar. I was able to plan a week-end get-away with my hubby, which was exactly what I needed. I enjoy the family celebrations. Thank you Auntie Laura for always getting us all together.

  3. i ALWAYS celebrate it, especially if it's one i'm stressing about! --Louise G.