Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gift Idea for Children

I have a birthday party for a two year old this weekend and I had absolutely no idea what to get her. I always seem to get kids books as gifts. I wanted to do something different (and inexpensive). I decided to put together a beach bucket for her.
I had quite a few errands to run today, so it was easy to pick up things for the bucket as I made my way through my day.
My first stop was Old Navy where I picked up a cute little bathing suit for 60% off. Next, I went to the Christmas Tree Shops. I knew I could find a beach bucket for $1 and I wasn't disappointed. I also love CTS for sunscreen. They have a great selection and great prices (note-always check the expiration dates on sunscreen, wherever you happen to buy it). I also picked up a bag of sea shells to put on top of the completed bucket. After those two stores, I had to run to Target to pick up a few household essentials. There, I was able to find a cute little pair of sunglasses, a Sesame Street book and a blue sandcastle thingy, all for $1 each. Score! I took a quick peak down the wrapping paper isle and found some brown "grass" for the top of the bucket.
Here's what it looks like completed:

I had my sister write the child's name on it (she has way nicer penmanship than I do). I added the shells on the top to make it look beachy.

Total cost: less than $15.

If you think that's creative, you should check out the bucket my friend Kelly did. Click here to see it.

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