Friday, April 15, 2011

Island Treasures Gourmet Rum Cake - Review

I entered a giveaway on My Shiny Monkey and I won the Island Treasures Gourmet Rum Cake. I wasn't sure what to expect. When the box arrived I was surprised how heavy it was. Inside was the yummiest looking cake. It almost looks like a pound cake. The directions suggest you turn the cake upside down for 30 minutes before eating. This is so any liquid can flow back into the cake.
As soon as I opened the cover I could smell the rum. The! so moist, so delicious. That cake will not last long in this house at the rate I'm going. Every time I walk by, I stop and cut, just a tiny sliver to taste. A few minutes later, I cut another piece. I'm going to have to have my husband hide it from least until tomorrow. This will taste so good with my coffee tomorrow.
Island Treasures Gourmet can be found here Island Treasures Gourmet and on Facebook
Thank you Julie at My Shiny Monkey for hosting the giveaway and shipping it so quickly to me.

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