Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

I wouldn't exactly call myself a tree hugger..despite the evidence below:

Although, I do recycle like a crazy person. Last year I worked for a family that didn't recycle. I would literally go through their garbage and take the recyclables home withe me. It pains me to see someone throw away a plastic milk container. I just can't sleep at night knowing that I didn't prevent it. Seriously.
My dad is the one that got us all into recycling. He did it before it was even trendy. About 15 years ago the town that they live in announced that they would have recycling bins available for residents. My dad picked one up and the rest is history. We would call him "The Recycle Police." God help you if you threw something away that had a #1 or #2 on the bottom. You'd get a lecture on how those don't go in the trash, they go in the recycle bin.

In honor of Earth Day I took my nephews out for a "nature hike." Okay, I really took them out so my sister could get her house in order for Easter. But, I made a big deal about going on this hike and it being Earth Day. I think it made an impact since the first words out of my 6 year old nephews mouth when he saw me today was, "Happy Earth Day!"

Here are some pictures from our day:

A rare sweet moment

Climbing up a cliff

"We made it!"

We brought some bird seed for the birds.

Tired after our hike up the hill.
We had a great day out in the fresh air honoring Mother Nature.

As my dad would say, "Rememba to recycle!"

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