Friday, September 9, 2011


I can't seem to bring myself to watch any of the 9/11 coverage. I've always found it fascinating and heartbreaking. Now I just find it heartbreaking.

Over 2,000 people lost their lives that day for something they did. What was it? They went to work. These were not people who ran with gangs and happened to get shot and killed. These were people who got up that beautiful Tuesday morning, got dressed, kissed their spouses, kids, cats, dogs, moms or dads goodbye and then headed to work. They took their last breath that day.

Every life lost (except the terrorists) was painful and uncalled for.

I weep for those people. I weep for their families and their children. I can't even begin to imagine the nightmare that they went through on and after that day.

We lost many lives after the attacks as well. Many of our military personnel died defending our freedom. A simple thank you doesn't seem like enough.

How do you explain this tragedy to children? We don't want kids to live in fear but this is an important piece of history. It is something that has shaped our nation and made it what it is today.

Whatever your politics, we have to agree on one thing: this can never happen again.


  1. could not have been better said - as far as explaining to kids , its best explained very very carefully

  2. beautiful post. I too find it so hard to watch the coverage, especially when it comes to the children of lost loved ones. Heartbreaking.

  3. Far too many tears today from mommy. So difficult to explain to my little kids. Better left unsaid in this house for now. My clever Emily (K) asked "Did someone do that on purpose?" Heartbreaking.