Monday, September 5, 2011

My Thoughts on Camping

Since I'm not married, I have to imagine that this is how a couple with children communicates about the family vacation.

Dumb Husband: "Honey, I have a great idea for our summer week long vacation!"

Amazing, Beautiful, Patient, Talented Wife: "You do? What is it?"

DH: "Let's go camping! Isn't that a great idea?!"

ABPTW: "You want to leave our comfortable, climate controlled house to live like homeless people for a week? No thanks."

Now, I know there are some die-hard campers out there. People who say, "If there are showers at the campground, it's not camping." Well, I have no words for that. Camping is my worst nightmare. I get pissy when I stay in a hotel that doesn't have a hair dryer in the room.

I can't imagine have to WALK, in the dirt, to the bathroom. Do you know how many times a night I get up to tinkle? Lots. I don't think I could handle getting out of my sleeping bag, unzipping the tent, grabbing the flashlight, heading to the campground potty to do my tinks at 3:00 AM. I'd be a little scared that I'd run into a wild animal, or worse, someone in their underwear heading to the bathroom at the same time. What's the protocol in that situation. Do you say, "Hey, what up?" or "Nice night" or "I didn't cause that smell in the bathroom, I swear."

I have a friend who LOVES camping. She goes at least 5 times a year. She's the only one in her huge group of family and friends that doesn't have a camper. Her husband doesn't like camping, so he stays home. She packs up her whole minivan, her two kids and heads to a campground. Once she unpacks everything and gets her tent set up, she has to repack all of their clothes and food back into her car so that wild animals won't get at it. Oh my God, that sounds like a blast! Sign me up!

Granted, there are some beautiful views and scenery from camping. Like this picture taken by my friend this morning:

However, I'm pretty sure you could drive around and find a very nice hotel with a beautiful view not too far away.

And that's my rant for today. Happy Labor Day.

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  1. I also hate camping. Our newly bought fixer upper house has no oven, no stove and for some time I had no bathroom sink. There are still rooms without lights. People keep's like camping! To which I reply, I hate camping! I don't get it.