Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Like everyone, I have some little idiosyncrasies that some people might find strange. I've been doing them for so long that they seem perfectly normal to me.

  1. Every night before bed I slip on a clean pair of socks. After about 15 minutes in bed, I kick the socks off. I do this every night. At the end of the week I have 7 pairs of socks stuffed at the end of my bed.
  2. I have about 10 half full water bottles in my refrigerator. I tell myself that I'm going to refill them with spring water from a gallon jug, and I never do.
  3. I can never be more than 10 feet away from a box of tissues and a tube of chapstick.
  4. I upload pictures within 24 hours of taking them.
  5. I have to sleep with a fan on every night. Even if it's 5 degrees outside.
See, those aren't too bad. Right?


  1. All my doors have to be closed for me to sleep

  2. My fridge is also filled with half filled water and 20 oz soda bottles.

  3. I obsess with the uploading of pictures too! I feel like if I don't get them right up they will be old news or something...people are probably so sick of seeing my kids on Facebook LOL