Monday, December 17, 2012

A Fossil Walks Into a Hotel Room....

A few months ago, the Big Guy (aka my Dad, aka Fossil #1), went on an overnight golf trip with a bunch of other old farts. In other words, his golf buddies.

It was an organized trip that was planned in advance. Guys picked a roommate and the hotel arrangements were made accordingly. Well, the Big Guy and his buddy (since kindergarten) Fred were to be in room 206. That was the room they were assigned ahead of time and that is the room they got when they checked in. At the front desk, they got they key, gathered their bags and headed off to room 206. They put the keycard in the lock and opened the door. Well, they walked in and there were two people already in the room.  It was a man and woman. Alone. In a hotel room. Can you guess what they were doing?

Well, the Big Guy was very confused about this because this was supposed to be his room. So, he stood there and tried to figure out this apparent mix up guessed it, the man and the woman. Now, I'm sure this couple was having a lovely time for themselves until these two old guys walked in. Now, they not only walked in but they're having A FULL ON CONVERSATION WITH THEM.

Most normal people would have noticed immediately that the room was occupied and backed out slowly and returned to the front desk. Not the Big Guy. He's got to get to the bottom of the perplexing mystery right then and there.

After what must have seemed like an eternity to the couple, the Big Guy and Fred headed back to the front desk. The hotel apologized to them and got them another room. Rest assured, they knocked before they entered that room.

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