Monday, November 1, 2010

The Angry Snap

Most parents, especially moms, have done it. You know, you're on the phone, on an important call and the kids start to get loud and unruly. That's when you pull it out of its holster: THE ANGRY SNAP.

It's usually 3-4 snaps in quick succession. Followed by a finger pointed at the guilty (loud and/or unruly) child. Sometimes the finger point is accompanied by a stern face. Basically, it all means the same thing: "settle down right now or when I get off this phone, so help me God." When my mom did this to me as a youngster I wondered, "where did she learn to do that?" I thought that maybe she took some special class on how to be a big meany. Thirty or so years later, I'm doing it myself. And I don't even have children. It's usually done to unruly nieces and nephews. Also, why is it, that when you're on the phone, and you're trying to get away from the children, they follow you from room to room? Five minutes before that, they couldn't have cared less what you were doing. Now that you're on the phone, they suddenly need to be near you. Very near. Like, in you're skin. I just don't get it.
This concluded today's random thought. Thank you and goodnight.

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