Saturday, January 22, 2011


As I've mentioned before, I feel as though I've lost a little bit of my blogging mojo. I've read that other bloggers slow down around December because of the holidays, which was also the case for me. Unfortunately, my "bloggers block" has continued into the new year. I can't seem to think of anything to write about. I mean, does anyone really care that I can't seem to fall asleep until after midnight lately? Or that I turn into a total Nana when it comes to driving in the snow? Or that I talk to my cat like she's human? Who cares that I stay in bed until noon on snow days? Or that I still like to go dancing with my friends?

If anyone cares about these things, please let me know. I'd be happy to write more about them. Well, actually, I'm not sure I can elaborate on staying in bed until noon. That pretty much says it all.

It seems like it's easier to write in the summer. There's so much more going on. You're at the beach, you're visiting friends with a pool, dining al fresco. It's just so much nicer to write about.

I'm going to really try hard to blog more. I promise (I should tell you that my fingers are crossed as I type this).


  1. I'm with you on this one lady, i have zero desire to write anything!

  2. girl, you should have been with us last night....there was plenty to share after last night!

  3. I'm with you. I can't get back into the swing of things.. mostly because I'm not doing anything!
    I'm dieting... no one really cares. It's cold outside and I don't leave often.. no one cares about that.
    Ugh..I don't even leave the house enough to take a photo of anything. I just keep re-doing the snow out back.
    I hope you break free from your funk soon!