Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bargain of the Week

Last night I received an email from Talbots Outlet saying that their accessories were going to be 80% off. I get excited when I see something for 50% off, so I practically peed my pants when I saw 80% off!
I'm sure I've talked about it before, but I love Talbots Outlet. It's not too far from where I live and I always find something cute to wear. Some people think that it's for "old ladies" but I've been shopping there since I was in my early twenties. Their clothes are timeless classics that are made extremely well. And you can't beat the prices at their outlet/clearance store in Hingham, MA.

Here's what I found today:
Aren't they gorgeous?
They're leather (soft as "butta") and the lining is 100% cashmere.
I just love the buckle detail.
Now, take a look at the price tag:

Originally $69, marked down to $50.99. Would you like to know what I paid?

Drumroll please....


That's right, $6.80! I might go back and see if I can get some more to put away for Christmas gifts.

Don't you just love finding a great deal?