Friday, March 11, 2011

Review: My Favorite Shoes

*The following post was written by Kelly, part-time contributor to this blog. And Loopy's sister*

My all-time favorite fall/winter shoes are these Dansko clogs below. Love, love, love them. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. The have a nice little heel too, so they give me a some height. If you know me, you know I'm a bit vertically challenged.

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I first noticed these clogs on all the nurses at Mass General when Meghan was hospitalized for pancreatitis. I asked one of the student nurses about her shoes and she told me how comfortable they were and that she loves them so much that she had 5 pairs. Wow! If she had 5 pairs and most of the other nurses were wearing them, then they must be comfortable. I had to check these out. I looked them up online. Good thing I was sitting down. I couldn't believe how expensive they were. I thought about these shoes for a long time before I actually purchased a pair. I have 2 pairs now and I wear them EVERYDAY. I've had the shoes for about a year now and they have held up great, they still look brand new.
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Aren't these cute? They'd look great with jeans.

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  1. Love them too! I have been wearing them for 10 years now. They are expensive but last at least 4 years. Im wicked tough on them and the dont smell-hehe!