Sunday, September 26, 2010


I was going to take the night off from blogging but my loyal reader (you know who you are) begged me not to. So, here you go:

Watching the News the other night I saw a blurb on a tamale eating contest. This is the third eating contest that I've heard of in the last week. The first one involved hot dogs, the second one was put on by b. good and it was a garlicky greens eating contest.
I just have so much trouble understanding these contests. What I have more trouble understanding is the prize. Usually it's money but there is also a belt involved. A BELT! Why would an eating contest give a belt as a prize? After eating all of that food, how can you even fit a belt around you? I know it's some kind of ceremonial belt, but still. It just seems strange to me.

Sometimes I feel like these people when I eat. I have to make a conscious effort to slow down.
This hits very close to home with me right now. I went to dinner with a friend at one of my favorite restaurants tonight. I'm happy/sad to say that I'm a member of the "clean plate club." I gobbled up everything. We even got dessert to split. As a result, I can't move. I feel like it's Thanksgiving and I'm in a total food coma.

Where are my Tums?


  1. Thanks for not taking a day off :) BURP!!!!

  2. I knew you'd find something to blog/talk about!