Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cooking With Loopy-Part Three

Since we're already doing some French cooking, I figured we'd stay on this side of the globe and do some other cooking.
Here's a hint for the kind of cooking we'll be doing today:

Yes, we'll be heading (in our imaginations, of course) to the lovely, rolling hills of Ireland for some good, old fashion cooking from the old country.

Here's our recipe for today:

Tea (your favorite brand, but I used Barry's because that's what REAL Irish people drink)
Tea kettle
Tea cup

Here's the how to:

If you need to grab a pen and paper to write down these instructions, I'll wait.

Here we go.

First, fill the tea kettle with water.

Now, wait for it to boil. For those of you not into cooking, boil means really, really hot.

Next, put your tea bag into your tea cup.
Now it's time to pour the hot water into the cup.

Viola (wait, what's Irish for viola?)

Now, doesn't that look delightful?

A special shout to Rich and Anne Marie. I hope you use this recipe in good health.

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