Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Are You a Lurker?

My friend Robin over at Masshole Mommy recently posed this question to her readers. A lurker is someone who reads your blog but doesn't comment. I'm not sure if I have any lurkers or not. I'm pretty sure I have three readers. You know who you are.

I admit that I lurk on a few blogs myself. If I am regular reader, though, I do leave a comment here and there. Comments to bloggers are like tips to waitresses, we live for them.

So, if you read my blog regularly, or you just popped in today, leave me a comment. Just tell me your first name. Don't be shy. I'd love to know how many readers I really have!


  1. i am a "lurker"-Lexi.

  2. i am a "lurker" i check all the time to see if you have posted something new i love it & you

  3. I usually comment when I'm here. I'm a mouthy broad, even in the "virtual" world.
    Love your blog :)

  4. I am a closet Loopy Lurker.

  5. I post when I can, of course, but I generally spend a few hours in one chunk of time catching up on blogs, so my comments tend to be late. :)