Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things I've Learned Recently

You know the old saying, "you learn something new everyday"? I truly believe that. I DO learn something new everyday. For example, today I learned not to pick up a poopy diaper hastily or your fingers/hands will end up covered in poo. Not good.

This is me pondering life's lessons.

Recently I learned not to judge a book by its cover. I do this a lot. Case in point, my new blogging friends. When I first saw Kim and Ida, I thought, "who are those two skinny girls? And why are they standing by the food? "I automatically don't like anyone that's in better shape than I am (which is 90% of the population). I happened to sit down next to them and they could not be nicer. There were no condiments on the table and they, smart girls that they are, suggested using the ranch dip as a condiment. That was the moment that I knew I liked these two. They're also funny and smart. I adore them.
I was also nervous to meet Robin from Masshole Mommy. I thought, "with a blog name like that, she's got to be a loudmouth with a big personality." First of all, she's adorable. Second of all, she's so nice. I don't want to ruin her rep, but she's not a Masshole at all. She's a super cool blogger and mom. She really is one of the cool kids.
As I approach my 40th birthday (in 77 days) I'm looking forward to learning lots of things.


  1. UMM, sorry I didn't see this sooner (teething, slight maniac, crazy babe as of late)! YOU, my dear, are hilarious, and I adore you right back. You are too funny. I was just the other day telling my husband about you and how cool you are.. you must understand, not many I meet make it that far (husband has a VERY short attention span, or maybe I talk too much ;-)

  2. Dude, you sold me out. LMAO. I heart ya!

  3. If it makes you feel any better, neither of us tried to be skinny, it just happened on it's own because we breastfeed our babes (burns like 500 calories per session) and running after them is not only exercise but it leaves us little time to shove food in our mouths. Of course we went right for the food, because it is a rare occassion we get to eat without a toddler screaming or stealing the food from our plates! haha.

    Think you are super awesome and you always make me laugh.