Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Love My Job

Today I got to spend some time with G. She is one of my favorite babies. G is 15 months old and she is always grinning and showing off her new teeth. It doesn't take much to make her laugh, I love that about her.

Whenever I babysit her, we always take a walk in her cool, all-terrain wagon. She loves it. Who wouldn't love being pulled around while sitting, all cozy with a blanket on, surrounded by toys?

Ready to go.

Hold on tight.

This is one of my favorite spots in the world:

This is where I usually turn around on our walk.

A few months ago, I decided to venture farther down the road. I'm glad we did. This is what we came upon:

After talking to some workmen in the area today, I found out that there are two more just a little ways down the road. They're also much nicer than this one and love it when you pet them.

Another cool sight on our walk:

I love being outdoors with the kids but, honestly, I can't wait for summer.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! What a sweet baby. There is something very theraputic about spending time with a little one. I would volunteer to work in our church nursery when I was very low during my post divorce years. I could sit and rock a baby and the troubles of the world fell away.