Friday, December 24, 2010

Special Day

Yes, I know it' s "Christmas Eve Day" but it's a special day for another reason. Exactly two months from today, I will no longer be 39. YIKES!

I have a new list of goals to reach before the big day:

  • Learn to fly a 747
  • Learn how to board a 747 without vomiting
  • Learn how to drive a standard
  • Lose 46 pounds
  • Grow out my new bangs
  • Learn to cook
  • Finally realize that there is such a thing as eating too many brussels sprouts
  • Go to a casino
  • Clean under my bed
  • Meet Jon Bon Jovi
  • Forget about George Clooney since he won't return my calls.
I have a feeling that 2011 will be a great year. Who cares if I'm going to be 40? It's just a number, right? Yeah, right! You know who says that? The people who aren't 40 yet!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


  1. Merry Christmas to you Loopy! 40 is only a number and you remember the number 60 I hit in September. You got some good laughs at that and in 39 days so will I! :-)

  2. Oh, I thought you were already in your 40's. Love the blog!!