Friday, December 3, 2010

Free Stuff

Today was a great day! I picked up more than $50 in free products. Everything in the photo below was free.

How? Well, my first stop this morning was the Hallmark store. They were running a promotion on their Freaky Pets. If you were one of the first five people to say a specific phrase at the register, you would get a Freaky Pet for free. They retail for $14.99. They call the promotion "Free Freaky Friday's". It looks like they might do some more in the future, so keep an eye out for it. (Click here for more info)
Freaky Pets are these two-sided stuff animals. One side is cute and one side is cranky. Here's the monkey:

It's an online, interactive game, as well. You can also tuck one side into the other. Here's what it looks like with just the cranky monkey showing.

After the Hallmark store, it was off to the mall to hit another participating Hallmark store. At the first one that I stopped at, in my home town, I was the first person to get the Freaky Pet. At the mall, I was the second.

My second stop at the mall was Victoria's Secret. Did you get this little gem in the mail?
Thanks to having two mailing addresses and a friend that wasn't going to use hers, I have THREE. I have to admit, as soon I got the coupon in the mail, I ran to VS to scope out their products. I'm familiar with their bras and panties, but I wanted to find something for exactly $10, so that it would be free. This is what I found:

A big, honkin' tub of body butter. It's called "Luscious Kisses" (gag). It smells really pretty.

After all this excitement, I needed a snack. Off I went to Godiva to get my free chocolate.

After hitting a couple of other stores in the mall to pick up some gifts, I headed home. On my way, I stopped at another Victoria's Secret. This is what I picked up:

"Kissing in Paris" body lotion. Doesn't that just sound so romantic? Personally, I think the name is a little Cheez Whiz, but that's just my opinion. It smells pretty.

After a few more errands, and heading home to regroup, I went out to get a salad for dinner. I went to my favorite place: The Fruit Center. They have the best salad bar. It's an entire room. Literally, a room. Everything is super fresh and yummy.
They send out an email newsletter once a month and they always include a coupon for a free gift. This month it was Stonewall Kitchen's Holiday Jam. It looks mighty tasty and I can't wait to try some on toast.

Phew, that was a lot of free stuff. I just love days like this, don't you?


  1. Wow! what a day....and what a score!!! Jealous

  2. Great post! I have that $10 VS coupon as well as a $10 JCP one that just came 2 days ago. Mall trip this week!!

  3. I could do better!!