Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bargains? Not So Much

My sister and I headed out early on December 26. We were in search of post-Christmas bargains. We were extremely disappointed. Our first stop was Target. I got some wrapping paper and holiday themed paper towels, both marked 50% off. Some of their other holiday items were only 30% off, some were still full price. What the heck?! Next we headed to Pier 1. We're not really regular Pier 1 shoppers, so we weren't sure what to expect. I ended up getting some cute gift bags for $1. They were the reusable bags (think grocery store reusable bags).
Next we went to Michael's. We saw lots of signs like this:

Again, I picked up some holiday gift bags. I noticed a real shortage of gift bags when I was wrapping this year, hence the need to stock up for next year.
My sister was in search of crafts to keep the kids busy for snow days and for next year at this time. She did end getting a few things, but nothing to sing about.

As we were leaving Michael's it started to snow. It was just a quick squall and boy did it come down fast.

After navigating the snow covered roads, we headed to Crate & Barrel. It was a mad house! They had some really great ornaments and other Christmas items priced at 50% off. Trouble is, I didn't need any ornaments. I was looking for little "gifty" items to put in my gift closest for next year.

After that we headed to Ann Taylor Loft. Upon entering the store, we were greeted with this lovely sign. Doesn't it just make your heart go pitter-patter?

After searching through all the racks and checking out all of the merchandise, including clearance, we both left empty handed.

In the end, we got a few things for Christmas next year: wrapping paper, gift bags, plates, napkins.
I'm still holding out for the January sales. I'm really looking forward to the Target toy clearance, Old Navy winter clearance, Gap clearance and any other clearance sales I can sink my teeth into. What about you? Did you get any good deals after Christmas.

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