Saturday, October 2, 2010


A few days ago I found myself in Cohasset, MA. I was doing a quick errand in their downtown area. I took a look around and realized how charming it was. I promised myself I'd go back when I had more time. I had more time today.
Cohasset is an upscale coastal town approximately 25 miles south of Boston. It is also where the 1987 movie "Witches of Eastwick" was filmed. The 1992 movie "HouseSitter" starring Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn was also filmed in Cohasset.

Here is a picture of the Common which was featured in "Witches of Eastwick".

One of my favorite stops in the town is French Memories. It's a lovely little bakery that has the best, flakiest croissants. They also have cakes, cookies and other pastries.

I stopped for lunch at a lovely little place called 5 South Main. It's located at (you guessed it!) 5 South Main Street.

It's a great little bistro with five or six tables inside. They also offer items to go. Their mac and cheese is out of this world. It's a grown-up take on a classic.

I also discovered a store named Twist.

It's a gift store that has cute things that made me laugh:

After a lovely stroll downtown, I headed to Sandy Beach in Cohasset. It's one of the most beautiful beaches around (in my humble opinion).

That was my afternoon. I'm thinking of making it a point to explore more towns. You never know what you'll discover.


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for a stroll down main street! This town is very cute...I never heard of it before. Thanks for putting it on my radar. :)

    To comment on another post- 40 is not so bad- It's saying that number OUT LOUD that sucks! Hahah!

    I followed-can't wait to see where you go next.

  2. Love Sandy Beach - I agree, its one of the best beaches on the south shore!