Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Crazy Couponer

My sister, Kelly, has been "couponing" for about a year now. She follows quite a few blogs to help her get the best deals. This is not one of them.
Most people sit down to make a list for the grocery store. She sits down to write out scenarios. There is a pencil (in order to erase) a calculator, coupons, catalinas and the weekly flyers from the different stores. If you want to know what a catalina is, click here.

Yesterday, she sent me to the store while she was at work. She left me a detailed "scenario" of exactly what and how much to buy. She included coupons and catalinas along with cash and the list.

Here's what I came home with:

3 boxes of cereal
3 bags of frozen veggies
6 boxes of fruit snacks
1 can of corn
1 package of desserts
2 boxes of muffin mix
1 package of mini loaf pans
2 packages of Go Gurts
1 package of spoons
1 bag of flour

The total (after my Shaw's card) was $60.21. After coupons and previous catalinas, it came to $11.17. Plus, she received $23 in catalinas to use on a future shopping trip.

Saving over $49 at the grocery store is pretty darn good, but that's just math I can't do.

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  1. Wow. I'm so impressed. Wish I had the time to be so diligent. Even better is that Kelz has a sister who will shop for her!

    Me again... being lazy!